Top 3 Amazon Echo Dot Accessories

Amazon Echo Remote

Echo Remote

If you’re having issues with your Amazon Echo hearing your voice, you might want to consider one of these remotes.  Not only does it let you control music playback, but it also has a microphone right in the remote itself.  That means you can speak right into it and get the same feedback you would get from your Echo.

This can come in very handy if your house is normally pretty noisy.

Amazon Echo Dot Battery

YutaoZ Charging Battery Base

Ever want to just move your Echo into another room temporarily, but you don’t feel like unplugging it and setting it back up?  Well, technically, your Amazon Echo is powered via USB.  A few different manufacturers now offer batteries that work directly with your echo.

You simply plug your echo into the base, plug the base into the wall and sit your echo in the base.  Now, whenever you want to move it, you simply unplug the base.  Since it has a battery in itself, your Echo just became very portable.

Amazon Echo Dot Wall Mount

Amaz247 2nd generation Echo Dot Protective Case

Want to mount your Echo Dot vertically on your wall?  These wall mounts let you do that easily.  This’ll let you mount your Echo anywhere you think is cool.  The other perk of this is the speaker faces you, so your Echo Dot will sound louder.

Unfortunately, due to the way it mounts, you won’t be able to combine this with your battery pack.  I’ve found it to be more beneficial to have the battery pack.

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