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I don’t run ads on this site because I feel like they’ll take away from the content.  How many times have you done a google search to try and figure out an issue you’ve been having, only to be bombarded by ads?  It’s wild.  Some of these sites will slow my phone down to a crawl with all the ads they have.  By using just Amazon Affiliate links, I still get a little something in return and you’re not overwhelmed by content that you don’t need.  The affiliate links also don’t impact you at all.  The price is always the same to you, regardless of whether or not you click an affiliate link or go to Amazon directly.

I pay for the server costs and devices out of my own pocket.  I enjoy having a smart home, so it’s worth it to me.

If you would like to help keep the site up by donating, please use the following wallets.

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Sharing my articles to social media also helps a lot.

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