How to Set Up the Belkin WeMo Switch with Amazon Echo

The Belkin WeMo line of smart outlets are pretty straight forward to set up.  In this article, I’ll show you how to get it set up in your home and connected to your Amazon Echo.

Belkin wemo box

WeMo Outlet

Here’s our box, so let’s get started.  First thing you want to do is plug your smart outlet into the wall.

Once it’s plugged in, give it a minute or two to initialize.  It’s turning on at this point and getting ready to be used.

While it’s doing this, go ahead and download the WeMo app off the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.  Once it’s done downloading, go through its internal setup of creating your account.  By the time you’re done with that, your outlet will be ready for setup.

Next thing you’ll want to do is put your phone into airplane mode.  I’ll explain why below.

After you’re in airplane mode, turn on just your wifi.  Go to your settings where you pick which wifi network you connect to and find the WeMo wifi network.  Here’s how mine looks:

Android wifi settings

Choose the WeMo.Switch.X network and connect to it.

Once that’s connected, you might get some warnings on your phone about this network not being on the internet.  That’s ok.  This is the internal network on your wifi outlet, so it shouldn’t be on the internet yet.

Now let’s open the Belkin WeMo app on your phone.

WeMo app

It’ll start to connect to your outlet.  Once it’s connected, you’ll see the following screen.

Wemo app

You have several different options here.

The first option is to assign a picture to your outlet.  This will make it easier to know which outlet you are turning on and off with your phone.

The second option is naming your outlet.  This is important because it will tie in directly with your Amazon Echo.  When you tell Alexa to turn it on and off, you will refer to it by this name.

The third option is Wifi settings.  Since I have already set up my outlet, it’s going to use my saved settings from before.  Yours might look different here.

Once that’s all setup, click Next.

Wemo app

You might get this screen for a few seconds to a minute.  Earlier, I had you switch your phone into airplane mode.  The reason we did this is because the app is going to switch back and forth between wifi networks as you are getting set up.  If you have a cellular network on, it could screw up your setup.  I’ve found it best to just switch to airplane mode to avoid that issue.

Once it’s set up, your phone will automatically leave the Belkin WeMo wifi network and connect back to your home network.  You can take your phone out of airplane mode now.

You should see your smart outlet in your WeMo app now.

Wemo app

Wemo app

My new outlet is titled Living Room Lamp.  Leave your phone on this screen for about 30 seconds.  The reason we do that is so your app can check your outlet and make sure it’s running the latest software.  It’ll look like this if it finds it needs an update:

Wemo app

Follow those instructions to get your outlet up to date.  Once it’s ready, it’s time to set it up with Amazon Echo.

Note: my outlet took about 4 minutes before it was done updating.  Be patient here.  While you wait, go reward yourself with a drink 🙂

Next step is to open your Alexa app.

If you already have the WeMo skill, skip this step.  If you don’t, you must enable the WeMo skill.  You can do that by going to the skills section in the app and searching for WeMo.  Once you find it, simply enable it.

Now in the settings tab, there will be a section for Smart Home.  Click that and scroll down until you see Discover Devices.

Click on that and it will automatically find your outlet after about 30 seconds.

Alexa app

Congrats, you can now say “Alexa, turn on Living Room Lamp (or whatever you named your outlet)” and she will control that outlet.

Seems like a lot of steps, but it’s pretty straight forward after you do your 2nd or 3rd.

The Belkin WeMo Light Switches follow the same process after they’re installed in your wall.

Have fun!

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