H2oVibe Rain Showerhead

A few weeks ago, my wife and I decided to get a new showerhead.  There is some hard water in our area and our old one just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

After looking at a few in stores and online, my wife came across the H2oVibe Rain Showerhead.  Granted, it’s not super smart or anything, but it does have a removable Bluetooth speaker.

H20Vibe Shower Head

You may ask yourself, why would you need a Bluetooth speaker in your showerhead?  We kinda felt the same way at first, but we gave it a shot. 

First off, let’s talk some details.  The showerhead puts out a considerable amount of water, enough to force us to take shorter showers so we don’t run out of hot water.  It also has a wide range, so it feels like you’re getting rained on.

The Bluetooth speaker is actually removable.  It’s also pretty easy to sync up with.  I have it hooked up to our Amazon Echo Dot in the living room.  Our shower is probably 20 or so feet away with 3 walls in between.  The signal doesn’t have any issue reaching the showerhead.

Since the speaker is removable, we frequently take it out and use it to play music in my daughter’s play room.  It’s not the loudest of speakers, but it is loud enough that I rarely ask Alexa to turn the volume up over level 8.

The speaker only has 2 buttons on it: a power button and a pause/play button.  I’m happy to report that the pause/play is compatible with Alexa.  The button also acts as a pick up button if you have the speaker hooked up to your phone.

Yes, you can take phone calls in your shower now, Mr Fancy Pants.

At first it felt gimicky to have a Bluetooth speaker in the shower, but after actually using it a few times I now love it.  On top of music, you can have Alexa read you your flash briefings while you’re getting ready in the mornings.  Turn the speaker off after you’re done showering and Alexa switches to her internal speaker automatically.  Turn it back on, and Alexa reconnects automatically.

Overall, I’ve been very happy with the H2oVibe Rain Showerhead.  It’s not the smartest of our smart devices, but it provides the perfect amount of smart technology while still doing what it needs to do.

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