How To Set Up the GE Smart Switch with Samsung SmartThings and Amazon Echo

GE Smart Switch

Here is what we are going to be working with.  A GE Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Switch.  The thing I like about these switches is they look right at home.  No fancy LED on the front.  No fancy toggle.  No fancy logo.  Just a generic switch.

Since this switch speaks on Z-Wave, we will need a hub to control it.  I will be using my Samsung SmartThings.  I will also be linking it to my Amazon Echo Dot when I’m done.

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Important Note and Warning: If you are not comfortable doing electrical work, please hire a professional to wire your switch in.  The $60 it’d cost to have someone knowledgeable do this is much cheaper than the hospital costs of you potentially messing up and shocking yourself, or worse, you killing yourself.  I will not be telling you how to wire it together.  Wiring things incorrectly can start a fire.  Please don’t start a fire.

With that warning out of the way, let’s get started.  Here is my light switch installed in the wall.

Ge smart switch

It is a tight squeeze, but it fits.  My goal is to also replace the middle switch, but I’ll do that later.

Now that it’s been installed, let’s get it set up.  For that, we are going into the Samsung SmartThings app.

Click on My Home at the bottom and then + Add A Thing.  After you do that, go to your switch and toggle it up for a second and let go.

I had to press it up and down a few times before my hub noticed it.

Once your hub finds it, you’ll see this on there.

As you can see, I took the opportunity to name my device.  This name is also how you will refer to it through your Amazon Echo Dot.  

Once you are done, go back to My Home and you will see your device listed.

Use this opportunity to toggle your switch on and off.  Congrats, you have a new Smart Switch 🙂

Next step is to add it to your Echo so you can command it with your voice.  If you haven’t already, you will have to add the SmartThings skill to your echo.  You can do that in the Skills tab in the app.

Start up your Alexa app and go to the smart home tab.  Once you’re in your smart home settings, scroll down to the bottom.

See that Discover Devices link?  Click on that.  After about 20 seconds or so, you will see your new device in the list.

Sweet!  Now, let’s add it to a group.  I only have 1 switch for my front entrance so far, but I have another waiting to be installed.  I will want to tell Alexa 1 command to turn all the lights in the hallway on and off and a group will allow me to do that.

So go to the top of the Smart Home tab now.

Click on that Create Group link.  You will be presented with a screen where you can enter your group name and select devices to be in that group.

Once you’re done, click on Save.  You can now have Alexa control your lights by saying Alexa, turn the Front Hallway lights on.  You can also control it individually by saying Alexa, turn on Entrance Hallway light.

Great job!  While the GE Z-Wave Smart Switch does require a hub, it offers a very clean in-wall look that functions just like a regular light switch.  The integration with the Samsung SmartThings hub and Amazon’s Echo Dot is very straight forward.  

I’m very happy with the setup process.  It was easy to install and easy to set up.  The switch is a little bulky, but it does fit in a standard box.  The instructions it came with were also very detailed.  Overall, you can’t go wrong.

Good luck!

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